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Top 5 Smart New Media Stories For This Week

This week the Audit Bureau of Circulation, which audits the vast majority of US newspapers, released its data for the last six months. The numbers were, surprise surprise, down. Stocks for the major companies promptly took a hit. But there were glimmers of hope in those figures, too. Check out PaidContent’s post on the increase in digital editions and Jeff Bercovici’s look at how surprisingly dull that increase is.

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In non-dull surprising news, one fifth of FT.com’s traffic comes from mobile devices. The Economist also grabs a spot on this week’s list with an insightful look at how tablets are no panacea, as does Frédéric Filloux, who asks why the hell there are so many crappy looking ads out there.

  1. Fas-Fax: Major Newspapers’ Total Digital Editions Rise 63 Percent – paidContent
  2. More Proof That Paywalls Work From…Newsday?
  3. Your digital paper, sir: The struggle to make money out of news on tablets
  4. Fifth of FT.com traffic coming from mobile devices
  5. News website design is plagued by too many ads: The rise of the mobile web could mean better-looking sites – smaller screens can attract fewer, higher-value ads – Frédéric Filloux