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Backpacking 140 miles through Death Valley

This last March I set out to backpack the length of Death Valley National Park. Due to some snowed-in roads and a little equipment failure I ended up cutting the trip short at about 140 miles. It was some of the most grueling and most beautiful backpacking I’ve ever done. -140 miles -20+ miles a […]

Macro Mason Bees — Dead and Alive

More photos This wasn’t a great year for me and Orchard Mason bees. I’m not sure if it was their mud or some other environmental issue, but they never came back to their tubes after they hatched. There were two cocoons left over so I brought them inside and cut them open. The first was […]

Whatever You Do, Vice, Don’t Hire That Copyeditor

Update for the copyeditors and journalists I irritated today: I wasn’t debating the value of copyeditors or saying copyediting was responsible for the drop in traffic. We, the top editors, were responsible for that. We were convinced that fewer, higher-quality stories would differentiate ourselves in the tech news world and would attract readers. We hired […]

Anger, vandalism at Oakland Zimmerman protest but no arrests or injuries

Originally published at Oakland Local. Several hours after a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, more than a 100 protesters marched through downtown Oakland, chanting and carrying signs that read “We Are All Trayvon Martin” and “F*** The Police.” Despite a small group of protesters who smashed windows, spray painted […]