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Tracking Policy

I use the analytics software Piwik to gather information about this site's traffic. Piwik downloads a small file called a cookie to your browser when you visit. The cookie records your browsing activity, including the date and time you visited and your IP address. (An IP address is a unique number created by your internet service provider that allows websites and your computer or device to send information back and forth.)

Piwik anonymizes all user IP addresses and I delete visitor logs after 6 months. The full list of data Piwik tracks is located here. I do not voluntarily share this data with anyone. However, if I am ordered by a judge or law enforcement to turn over user data, I will comply.

Opt out of tracking

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Option 2:

You can permanently opt out of tracking by this site by turning on "Do Not Track" in your browser's settings.

Even better, install a tracker-blocker like (my favorite) Privacy Badger or Ghostery.


Because of the porous nature of today's web, I can't guarantee the privacy of all visitor data. Soundcloud uses the embedded audio players on the http://abrahamhyatt.com/podcasts page to load multiple cookies and other tracking technologies, including cookies from ScorecardResearch and Google Analytics. The cookies are used to track users' interactions with the audio players and other browsing behavior. Opting out of Piwik tracking does not opt you out of Soundcloud's tracking. Read more about Soundcloud's cookie policy here.

Privacy Badger lists ajax.googleapis.com as a tracker on this site. Piwik uses Google's API to access its javascript library. The API potentially has access to some visitor information (like IP addresses) but does not actively track users.