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Plane Talk was the newsletter of the British-American Rhykenological Society, a group founded in 1976 to promote the collection and preservation of woodworking planes. Over the course of 10 years, it published more than 840 pages of photos, maker's marks, tracings, planemaker biographies, articles, patent illustrations, drawings, ad reproductions and much more.

While Plane Talk was edited and distributed by B-ARS, the newsletter itself was based almost entirely on contributions from a community of researchers and collectors, primarily focused on wooden planes. Wooden planes would go on to become a major focus of antique tool collecting — with the rarest examples fetching tens of thousands of dollars — due in part to the huge body of research first published in Plane Talk. In 1987, Astragal Press took over the newsletter. Many of the maker's marks and bios were eventually collected in "A Guide to the Makers of American Wooden Planes" and other books, but much of the information found in Plane Talk's first 10 years has never been available outside of the remaining copies.

Thank you to Roger K. Smith, Plane Talk's Metallic and Transitional Planes editor, for generously agreeing to Plane Talk being made available online. This remarkable collection of knowledge is now accessible to a new generation of people interested in these tools.

B-ARS took its name from the Greek word "rhyken," which they translated as "woodworking plane." Robert. D. Graham, Jr., President; Elliot M. Sayward, Secretary-Treasurer; William L. Goodman, Vice President, UK; David G. Perch, Vice President, Canada; Richard A. Martin, Vice President, US; Ray Smith, Vice President. Plane Talk editors until 1986: Wooden Planes Editor: Elliot M. Sayward (under the pseudonym "Stanley Wooding Nicholson"); Metallic and Transitional Planes Editor: Roger K. Smith; Contributing Editor: Seth W. Burchard. For questions regarding these PDFs, please contact Abraham Hyatt at 503-501-7513 or abrahamhyatt@gmail.com.

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